RBA Rorcschach Imp. Stout 10% 440 can

The Rorschach test is a controversial psychological test in which subjects' perceptions of abstract inkblots are analysed. We don't know much about debates on psychology but we love controversy. Which is why we originally brewed a Rorschach test-inspired stout that is thick as ink and complex as the unconscious.

While enjoying this stout, it is recommended to pour some of it to a napkin, fold the napkin, open it, and then let your imagination fly with the image that now looks back at you. Manifestation of decadence and debauchery.Indulging pastry stout that forces you to face the hidden desires of your mind. An orgasmic blend of chocolate vanilla and toasted coconut. Rum barrel aged to perfection for ca. 12 months.

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